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    We create the future of Kyiv together!

    Join us in creating Kyiv's Strategy 2035.

    Kyiv is a smart, green, authentic city with competitive conditions for life and self-realization, which offers the maximum comfort for living and doing business, and is the leader of innovative changes in Ukraine. It harmoniously combines the priorities of the European capital, the center of the agglomeration, and comfortable local urban areas.

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    About the campaign

    Sociological surveys confirmed that the vast majority of residents of the capital are interested in the activities of the city government (77.7% of respondents are "interested" / "mostly interested"). But the level of awareness about initiatives, plans, services, and achievements of city authorities is only 50.4%, while 49.9% of respondents described themselves as unfamiliar with these activities. 56% of the questioned Kyiv citizens believe that they are not involved in the public dialogue on determining the priorities of the city and the decision-making process of the city authorities.

    Considering this data, the Kyiv State City Administration has launched an information and communication campaign for presentation and public discussion of the long-term priorities, goals, and objectives of Kyiv's development. The campaign will help create a systematic, sustainable and consistent interaction with the target groups as part of the drafting of the City of Kyiv Development Strategy in 2035.

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    Київ квітучий

    Stages of campaign implementation

    • 1 Organize public discussions on long-term priorities, goals, and tasks of Kyiv development with a wide range of stakeholders.
    • 2 Organize roundtables in focus groups and expert groups of the Working Group on Kyiv Strategy 2035 development to develop proposals on strategic goals and priorities of Kyiv development.
    • 3 Based on the results of the expert group meetings of the Working group on Kyiv Strategy 2035 development, the presentation and discussion of long-term priorities, goals, and tasks of Kyiv development presented by the public and experts to the city administration, members of Kyiv City Council and a large number of interested people.

    Strategic Goals

    Strategic goals are priority directions for the development of the city of Greater Kyiv, united according to the subject matters and areas of responsibility of the city government.


    Strategic Goal 1

    Creating a comfortable and environmentally friendly urban space

    To ensure the sustainable development of the city it is necessary to carry out an innovative modernization of urban infrastructure: water supply, heat and power supply, and transport systems. Realization of the goal also means providing stable urban mobility, polycentric balanced development of the city, effective system of control and planning of development, planning of housing zones and centers of attraction of traffic flows, increasing of the safety of residents and guests of the city and ecological standards, improvement of urban space, restoration of landscapes and development of green areas, creating conditions for the healthy lifestyle and sports. A separate task is to improve the health of the inhabitants of the metropolis.

    • Modernizing the system of public services and improving the quality of housing
    • Provision of sustainable urban mobility
    • Polycentric balanced development and improvement of urban space
    • ‌‌‌‌Preservation and development of the natural environment, minimization of the negative impact on the environment
    • Ensuring law and order and safety of citizens and guests of the city
    • ‌‌Development of the system of social services, ensuring gender equality, development of a tolerant and inclusive society
    • Organizing an effective system to provide medical services
    • ‌‌Creating conditions for sports and healthy lifestyles

    Strategic Goal 2

    High-quality economic environment based on the development of innovative services and industries based on smart specialization

    An important task is to provide a favorable environment for life, work, and human development, the functioning of businesses, the formation of an effective system of employment assistance, and the acquisition of competencies. Realization of the task provides creation of objects of innovative infrastructure, increasing the investment attractiveness of the city, development of smart specialization as a driving force for economic growth, support of small and medium business and the process of entrepreneurial opening as well as the development of the educational system which would guarantee the acquisition of necessary skills.

    • Creation and promotion of innovation infrastructure facilities, improvement of investment attractiveness
    • Development of smart specialization (ICT, pharmaceuticals and medical services, creative industries, etc.) and support of the entrepreneurial start
    • Creation of comfortable environment and support of internationalization of business
    • Development of the educational system and acquisition of skills
    • Formation of a progressive and comprehensively developed young generation

    Strategic Goal 3

    Development of the capital as a cultural and tourist center

    The strategic goal is the restoration, development, and effective use of historical, cultural, and tourist potential, restoration and preservation of cultural heritage sites, as well as the development of creative industries – the engines of innovative transformations in society, contemporary art, and cultural ecosystem. Conducting activities to attract tourists and the promotion of Kyiv in the international arena will strengthen the image of the capital as a cultural and tourist center of Eastern Europe.

    • Preservation of objects of historical and cultural heritage
    • Development of cultural environment and support of creative industries, promotion of cultural events
    • Development of tourism and tourism infrastructure
    • Providing the cultural development of all segments of the population and the formation of national identity

    Strategic Goal 4

    Effective management of the city and development of the suburban area

    The strategic goal is to develop an effective and coordinated system of city management taking into account the development of Kyiv as a metropolitan agglomeration, implementation of a gender approach in the local government policy, and democratic instruments in the city management system. Achievement of this goal covers a wide range of management functions and tasks, which are supposed to be transformed into a digital format to increase the transparency of the city government and establish an effective dialogue “power – society”. A separate block of tasks to achieve this goal is the development of a reasonable digital space and public services, improvement of the system of providing administrative services, and the like.

    • Development of the city management system and forms of the public dialogue
    • Development of the Kyiv agglomeration
    • Development of the digital space and public services
    • Modernization of the communication space and promotion of the city of Kyiv

      Registration on a Conference Kyiv 2035: city development strategy



          Registration. Morning coffee


          10:00 - 11:30

          KEYNOTE SESSION Presentation of the Kyiv Development Strategy 2035


          11:30 - 12:30

          Panel Discussion #1 Strong strategy - strong city
          • Strategy is the foundation for increasing economic and social indicators of the city
          • Strategy development: searching for balance and compromises
          • Success stories and top priorities of the world's greatest cities
          • Importance of cooperation between authorities, business and community for the development of the city


          12:30 - 13:30

          Panel discussion #2 Strategic goals, focus areas, and tasks
          • Creating a comfortable and environmentally friendly urban space
          • Quality economic environment based on the development of innovative services and industries through smart specialization
          • Development of the capital as a cultural and tourist center
          • Efficient city management and the development of its neighborhood area


          13:30 - 14:30

          Lunch break


          14:30 - 15:30

          Panel Discussion #3 Community voice: e-democracy and tools to influence city decisions
          • The city budget is an effective tool for residents to influence the development of the city
          • Dialogue between the community and authorities: tools for interaction
          • Increasing the social capital of Kyiv by involving the public in taking important decisions and managing the city


          15:30 - 17:00

          15:30 - 17:00 Panel Discussion #4 Sustained development of the city
          • New strategic priorities for city development taking into account today's challenges
          • Achieving an optimal balance between the three dimensions of development - economic, social, and environmental
          • Digitalization, smart city, and smart services


          17:00 – 18:00

          Networking and evening cocktail


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