Comfortable and safe Kyiv in 2035: public discussions about the vision of the future city took place in the capital

For two days the public and experts were discussing the ideas and proposals of Kyiv residents, which aim to change the capital for the better. Public Talk Kyiv 2035 took place in the capital on July 7-8th as a part of preparing the draft Strategy of Kyiv Development until 2035. This was reported by the Department of Economy and Investment of the Kyiv City State Administration.

“During a month the residents of Kyiv submitted their proposals about what they want to see Kyiv in 2035. We need to unite the efforts of everyone who cares about the future and who is ready to join the common effort to develop the capital. It depends on us what Kyiv will be like. We are the ones who will live in this city,” noted Viacheslav Panchenko, the first deputy director of the Department of Economy and Investments of Kyiv State Administration during the opening of the Public Talk Kyiv 2035.

Kyivites, experts and public figures presented and discussed ideas and proposals for creating a comfortable and environmentally friendly urban space – preserving the environment and rivers flowing in the capital, as well as for the promotion of preventive measures for the health of the citizens. They also talked about offloading the transportation system and building comfortable connections between the suburban agglomerations and the capital, smart specialization of Kyiv, effective management, and development of the capital as a cultural and tourist center till 2035.

Among the participants of the event were Julian Chaplinsky, architect and urbanist, Mykhailina Skoryk, advisor to Bucha mayor, Irina Chernysh, public environmental inspector and chairman of NGO “Save Dnipro”, Anna Denisenko, curator of Lun social projects, CEO of Evgeniy Donets, CEO of “Svitlo Concert” Evgeniy Krivin, President of Association of Inbound Tour Operators of Ukraine Maria Yukhnovets, ex-chairman of the permanent commission on environmental policy of Kyiv city council, initiator of Kyiv environmental strategy development Konstantin Yalovy and Kyiv citizens-authors of the initiatives.

The spatial planning of the city needs to include the concept of a fifteen-minute walking distance to medical facilities, schools, kindergartens, and stores. Julian Chaplinsky is convinced of this. He also mentioned the necessity of specifying “strategic sacrifices” in Strategy 2035, which the city will give up for the sake of more comprehensive development.

“I would very much like that in addition to all the good things, Strategy-2035 should include strategic sacrifices, which are not worth waiting for,” he said.

Strategy-2035 should stipulate that the suburbs want the Kyiv lifestyle, Kyiv standards of comfort. This was stated by the advisor of Bucha city mayor Mykhailina Skoryk.

“In fact, another Kyiv has grown around Kyiv. It is 12 to 15 communities, and each of them has its development strategy and its vision. The suburb factor must be a part of the Kyiv Development Strategy. The capital and the area around it must develop in sync. And the better we synchronize them in management decisions, the better these processes will be”, she pointed out.

The necessity of cultural infrastructure reconstruction in the capital city was pointed out both by the experts and the public.

“The city must introduce an electronic system of applying for the organization of public events and a transparent system to track them and create an online city calendar,” – said Kyiv resident Natalya Glass, who submitted her suggestions through an online application form and was invited to participate in Public Talk Kyiv 2035 among other Kyiv residents.

Many experts and Kyivites, the authors of the ideas, noted, in particular, the necessity to develop business tourism in the capital. Creating a congress bureau would promote Kyiv as the best place in the world for holding international-level forums and conferences. Moreover, it is necessary to raise tourists’ interest in the Ukrainian capital not only for weekend tours but also for longer trips.

Public Talk Kyiv 2035 took place as a part of an information and communication campaign on the creation of Kyiv Development Strategy 2035.

You can watch Public Talk Kyiv 2035 videos on the website and Youtube channel of Kyiv City State Administration.