Mykola Povoroznyk: Nearly a hundred Kyiv citizens offered their suggestions about the Kyiv Development Strategy 2035

Nearly a hundred citizens of Kyiv have already taken part in the survey of ideas and proposals for the Kyiv Development Strategy-2035. The first deputy head of KMDA Mykola Povoroznyk announced this on his Facebook page.

“Among them (participants – ed.) are representatives of community organizations, businesses, private entrepreneurs, and fellow citizens. Students are also very active! For us it is a positive signal that young people think about their future, which they associate with Kyiv”, said Mykola Povoroznyk.

In his words, the most suggestions received from the citizens were about the development of housing and communal services of the city.

“In particular, the participants proposed to actively use new technologies and experience of other countries to use natural resources more rationally and reduce the cost of housing and utility services. Municipal mobility and beautification are other popular topics of answers among the citizens. Here the suggestions vary from changing specific signs and traffic lights on certain streets to large-scale suggestions on how to develop the city’s micro-mobility infrastructure. An important area for residents is the accessibility of sports infrastructure and the level of physical education classes at pre-school educational institutions. A popular proposal is to improve a large number of public facilities” – wrote Mykola Povoroznyk.

He told that you can take part in the survey until June 10 by filling in the form. Then the submitted initiatives will be considered in the expert working groups at the planned roundtables, which we will inform you about additionally.