The first Public Talk Kyiv 2035 on the visions of the capital city development (+ online streaming) started in the capital

The presentation of the ideas and proposals for the vision of the capital city development until 2035, authored by the residents of Kyiv, started today in the capital. The event was opened by Vyacheslav Panchenko, first deputy director of the Department of Economy and Investment of Kyiv City State Administration.

“We have an ambitious goal to elaborate a new Kyiv Development Strategy until 2035. This document must take into account the interests of all stakeholders: society, business, science, and the state as a whole. But the city is first and foremost a people. So together we are creating our city of the future, where everyone who lives and realizes his or her potential in Kyiv is comfortable and safe,” Vyacheslav Panchenko said.

Public Talk Kyiv 2035 is a public discussion of the goals and priorities of Kyiv’s development strategy that is taking place as part of the information and communication campaign on the creation of Kyiv Development Strategy 2035.

The first day of the event, July 7, is dedicated to the initiatives of Kyiv residents to develop a smart, environmentally friendly, comfortable, and innovative city.

On the 8th of July, the topic for discussion will be the smart specialization of the capital – IT, pharmaceutical and creative industries, as well as the development of a favorable economic environment.

The most constructive ideas and proposals will be submitted for consideration by expert groups, whose meetings will begin soon.

The event is being strimmed at and YouTube-channel of KCSA