Gathering ideas and proposals for the long-term development priorities of Kyiv to 2035 is continued

Collection of ideas and proposals on long-term goals and priorities of Kyiv development up to 2035 extended until June 1, 2021. This was announced in the Department of Economy and Investments KMDA.

“Today we continue to receive filled-out questionnaires where experts, public figures, businessmen, and citizens share their ideas and suggestions for the development of Kyiv. This is a very positive signal and evidence of an active position of the people of Kyiv because the matter concerns the improvement of specific areas of the life of the great city and the comfortable life of each person in it. So the collection of ideas in the creation of Kyiv Development Strategy until 2035 is not just a one-time event; it is part of a long-term campaign to improve civil awareness “, noted the Department.

As of today over a hundred completed questionnaires have already been received. According to the information of the poll organizers, the main thing is that, for example, in terms of the landscaping of the city space, the citizens find examples of the projects, which have already been implemented in some areas of the city and propose to make such a practice universal. In particular, the matter concerns the improvement of neighborhood areas, setting up recreational areas, and providing social services.

As part of the survey, the majority of the citizens share their views on changes in housing and communal services, improvement of the transport system and micro-mobility infrastructure, implementation of new technologies in the management of urban public services, and understanding of international experience in this area.

There are also suggestions for the development of smart specialization of Kyiv – the priority and promising sectors of urban economy and sectoral support from the authorities.

You can take part in the survey until June 1, by clicking on the link.

We would like to remind you that the collection of ideas and suggestions is carried out as part of the information and communication campaign to develop a Kyiv Development Strategy until 2035.